Create ISV toolbar button on a form

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This post describes how to create an ISV button in a toolbar e.g. the account form. 1. Before you start you must make sure that ISV extensions are enabled. Go to Settings, System Settings, Customizations. In Custom menus and toolbars select for which clients you want to make custom menus and toolbars (Web Client, Outlook […]

Change requirement level at runtime

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Sometimes you want to change the requirement level based on the values of other attributes. Here is the code for making a field optional, recommended or required: See original post by Ronald Lemmen

Expand or collapse section

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The function below can be used to expand or collapse a section in MS CRM. This is particularly handy for crowded forms. You can click on the plus/minus sign to toggle the section, see example: You can copy and paste the following code in the OnLoad event. For more information about the parameters and how […]

Common date functions in JavaScript

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Below are a few common date functions to e.g. calculate the difference between two dates or to add time/days/months to any date. For more information read the comments in each function for the exact instructions. 

Round a number in JavaScript

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This function rounds any number to any number of decimals.


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Function to check if a value is listed in an array.