Centralized, global Script Libraries allowed in MS CRM 2011

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 now supports common JavaScript libraries that can be called from any entity.  This makes it easier to upgrade your create centralized JavaScript files with functions you frequently  use. In CRM 2011 these common JavaScript libraries are called Web Resources. MVP Ayaz Ahmad has recently posted a detailed look at how to […]

Call Center Scripts now possible with MS CRM 2011

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It is now possible to create call center script in MS CRM 2011 using out-of-the box functionality called Processes. MVP Ayaz Ahmad has posted an interesting article on how to design and execute processes, with screenshots. Microsoft CRM 4 lacks call scripting features and customer especially call center customer will have to buy 3rd party […]

My Favorite CRM Tools

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Over the years I ran into several very useful tools that can make the life of a Dynamics CRM Consultant easier. I am surprised that not everybody knows about these tools, so here’s my collection. I will try to keep this post updated, because new tools emerge every day. During writing I found out that […]

Unable to publish a report in Dynamics CRM

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Recently I created a report in Visual Studio but was unable to upload it in MS CRM. Below is a copy of a post by Joel Lindstrom on Customer Effective describing some useful tips on how to identify the possible cause: Sometimes when writing SSRS reports for CRM, you will find that the report works […]

Show number of related activities/history for a record – Part 2

September 22, 2010 by · 8 Comments 

Last year I wrote an article on how to display the number of activities for an entity in the navigation pane. See the original post: Show number of related activities/history for a record.  This function however did not include all the Related “Regarding” Records, just the activities directly related to the current record. In other […]

Track Emails directly from Shared Mailboxes

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A customer wanted to know if it was possible to track emails directly from a shared mailbox. Up till now, the only way to do this was to move or copy the emails from the Shared Mailbox to a Personal Mailbox and track the emails from there, which is a workaround you would rather not […]

Dynamics CRM 2011 beta released today

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Today, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team has released the beta of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 , for both cloud-based and on-premises deployments. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta download is available on: Microsoft Download Center. Discover the Power of Productivity with the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 beta release on http://www.crm2011beta.com.

Create a button on a MS CRM form

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This post explains how to create a button on the form, using java script. First of all we need to create a nvarchar attribute and put it on the form where we want our button. Note: see Add a button to a text field in MS CRM on how to e.g. add a lookup button […]

Microsoft Word Add In for MS Dynamic CRM

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Sonoma Partners recently released a very cool two way integration between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allows users to: Build Word document templates that can load data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Once the data is loaded, users can edit their data in Microsoft Word and then save their changes back to Microsoft Dynamics […]

Customize Marketing List (List Member View)

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The ability to Customize the List Member View of a marketing list has not been made available in the Customization area of the UI, but can still be achieved with the UI in other means by using the Advanced Find feature. Jim Schumacher wrote a nice article on how to customize the Marketing List Member […]