Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step exam MB5-858 Tips

February 7, 2011 by · 4 Comments 

Last month I passed the exam MB5-858  “Managing Dynamics Implementations with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step”. My passing score was 77%, so that’s one mystery solved. Microsoft is very keen to keep candidates in the dark about the questions and even the required passing score. Here’s the way I did it. Since I did not have the time to follow training, I used self-study.

Note: links in this article will only work if you have valid access to Microsoft Partnersource and the MPN Portal.

I started with the Learning Roadmap for Project Manager from Microsoft Partnersource. This Roadmap contains all the links to Training materials and assessments you need. The first one is a brief introduction training in the Partner Learning Center on MPN. Nice to get an idea but not absolutely necessary. The second one MSS20 “Using Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step” is marked as “Highly Recommended”  but I would say it is the only and most important training. You can do this one On Demand or use the Training manuals for self-study. I chose the last option and studied the manuals. In stead of the 4 hrs. it took me 2 days at least. Very important to study the terminology and definitions, because that’s what the exam is all about. Similar to Prince2, the methodology uses certain terminology and strictly adheres to it throughout the course and the exam. The online Proficiency Assessment is worthwhile taking, because it is a good representation of the type of questions you can expect during the real exam.

The last one is a classroom training 80235A “Project Managing Sure Step Implementations – CRM”. The training manual can be downloaded but does not contain the instructor notes and extra assignments. It is designed as a workshop to familiarize yourself with the methodology. Not absolutely necessary but nice to do when you have the time.

I searched for exam questions but since the course and exam are very new, there are no download resources for this exam. The only thing I found was an excerpt from an exam from Passcert.

Finally I took the exam, 70 questions after signing up at Prometric. Make sure your email address is the same as the one registered with Microsoft. If you already have an MCP-ID, check if Prometric already has it registered. This saves a lot of trouble trying to get rid of duplicate MCP-ID’s.

Good luck on taking the exam!