CRM 2011 Processes: Prompt and Response Dialogs

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I received some more detailed information on Processes (formerly called workflows) in CRM 2011, specifically on how to capture responses and what you can do with those responses.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 certainly has changed quite a few of the areas that users and developers alike have grown comfortable with in CRM 4.0. While there have been some significant changes to the marketing and service areas (as well as other areas), some of the biggest changes in CRM 2011 have been in the ‘workflow engine.’

If you browse through your CRM 2011 beta environment you may find that there is no longer an area in SETTINGS for WORKFLOWS. Now before you assemble your torch-wielding mob to march to Redmond and decry the loss of workflows in CRM, allow me to explain a bit further.

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Call Center Scripts now possible with MS CRM 2011

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It is now possible to create call center script in MS CRM 2011 using out-of-the box functionality called Processes.


MVP Ayaz Ahmad has posted an interesting article on how to design and execute processes, with screenshots.

Microsoft CRM 4 lacks call scripting features and customer especially call center customer will have to buy 3rd party add-ons like TK Dialogues, custom ASPX pages etc. to fulfill this requirement.

However, Microsoft CRM 2011 provides call scripting out of the box using processes. Processes are now used in place of workflows.

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